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Happy 2nd Birthday, Magdalen!

My dear sweet babe,

Today you turned 2 years old...and an end to a certain time in my life has ended. I no longer have any babies. Yes, of course, you and your brother will always be MY babies. But in the world's eyes, you are a baby no longer.

Me and my baby girl on her birthday

Your first year was a whirlwind of me figuring out how to juggle 2 children. The entire time, I wondered what you would be like, what personality you would have, the sense of humor you might end up with, what your interests would be. After you turned one, we didn't have long to wait. You have knocked our socks off this past year. And that is probably an understatement. ; )

You are a smart girl, a loving sister, a determined child, a caring person. But all of this comes with a twist for us. You are the complete opposite of Maddox in almost every way. We were not prepared for the whirlwind of you, but I personally have loved (almost) every minute of it. (I didn't really enjoy the green marker on our windowsill, the blue paint spilled on our carpet, and the blue marker all over my computer screen & desk the 3 consecutive days before your 2nd bday. But thanks anyway, precious.)

You are your own person, you don't care what others think of you and I'm so proud. You are a leader, not a follower. I am constantly looking forward to what your older years will bring and realizing that you are a strong soul. You will be a strong woman. You will be okay no matter what happens to you. I told your Nana today that the cliche that you epitomize is this: Where there's a will, there's a way. Well, dear...for you it's more like this: There IS a will, and you WILL find the way. ; )

Most little girls strive to be a princess, but not you, my love. You will be a queen in your own way, now and always. I pray that you will live up to that and use this attitude and spirit in a kind and wonderful way.

My heart soars when I watch you going about your day. You have caused me great deals of stress in my normally quiet life, but you have awakened my spirit like no other. Your brother taught me how to be a loving, thoughtful, happy mother and that was priceless. YOU have taught me how to find the laughter in things I never thought were funny. It's been a ride...and I know it's nowhere near over. (I better buckle up with a 5-point harness for the next 18 years if I'm going to survive, sweet lady, but I'll enjoy it no matter what you throw at me.)

Tea party before bedtime with Nana & Brother

Here are just a few of the words people have used to describe you this year:

  • determined
  • spunky
  • sassy
  • headstrong
  • stubborn
  • "mind of her own"
  • caring
  • loving
  • wild (this one has been said repeatedly, trust me)
  • strong (physically AND mentally)
  • a diva
  • dramatic (I always called your brother "Dramaddox", but you may have taken the cake on this one)
Like I said, those are just a few and I can't wait to see the new words you provide us with this next year. You have made us laugh so much with your antics and the funny things that you love. You are the most amazing caregiver. Your love for babies and animals (especially dogs of all kinds) has amazed me. I have found you numerous times patting the head of a stranger's baby in such a gentle little way and it always makes me laugh out loud. : ) 

You're a dancer, all the way from your head to your toes. You have loved to shake it since you were just a few months old and it makes us laugh so hard. You are not an avid reader, but I've enjoyed the only snuggle time I can get when we sit together in your pink corduroy rocker and read a book or two before you sleep. I'll take what I can get.

You love to sing to yourself in the softest little voice as you go about your play. I can't wait until you start talking so I can hear what goes on in that little head of yours. I know you're a helper down to your soul and I can always count on you to joyfully help me clean up any type of mess. That has been so fun to watch! I hope you never lose your helpful spirit.

Your facial expressions are priceless. You are very good at keeping a straight face in all circumstances, but when you decide to show your emotion, you have the heartiest laugh, the biggest, most sparkling eyes, and the most mischievous grin. And all I want to say to people is, "That's my girl!" Your daddy says you are just like me and I hear I was just like you as a child. 

A few of your nicknames lately:
  • Maggie-Girl
  • Mags
  • Little Lady
  • Sister (this is equally as used as Maggie)
  • Maggie-licious (thanks to Gissela)
  • Magster
  • Little Miss

I've learned so much from you this last year, and want to say "thank you." I've needed a kick in the pants for a while now and you have provided the desire to start working on many of my dreams.  My passions have been awakened by watching yours and I will always remember & cherish this past year. Here's to a great third year of life coming up...maybe the one where you start talking...please...pretty please?!?

{Magdalen Leigh * 2 yrs old * December 31, 2010}

Happy Birthday, baby. You'll always be my best girl.

I love you.


Joy Nudd said...

What a beautiful tribute to a precious little girl. Congratulations on the new blog, it looks fantastic!

William Bennett said...

Happy 2nd Birthday, Maggie! The pictures are great. We enjoyed being with all of you the weekend before Christmas and celebrating Maggie's birthday with you all in Nashville! The new blog looks great. Love you all, Dad

Alisa said...

Happy Birthday to Magdalen! I can't wait to see her and Maddox again. She sounds so fun! =) I'm sure my kids would have fun with them. I love your new blog, and I can't wait until you've written more! Happy New Year!

Kelly Paul said...

This tribute was so beautifully written; it brought tears to my eyes! I can empathize with learning to laugh at situations that you would have never found funny :) Our children teach us so much... God has some sense of humor!

Kelly said...

Love your new blog, Amanda! What a touching tribute to a precious little lady. She will be thrilled to read this years down the road. You are such a sweet mama!
I am hoping to get another blog up for my family. I'd prefer to keep my "healthy" blog more for just that. So, the making of a new blog has been a goal...and thanks to you I have been inspired! ;-)

Anonymous said...

beautiful! happy birthday magdalen! christy black

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