Hello there, and welcome to Magda Row....

These Boots Were Made For Walkin'...

So I'm being bombarded for requests of photos from Miss Magdalen's 2nd Birthday Party. I never really shared anything about it because I love the suspense of guests not knowing what the theme is until they receive their invite. : )

(That is...most of the time. Maddox's upcoming February party is Legos. Big Surprise, huh?)

I totally stole the idea from one of the queens of party ideas - Kim at The TomKat Studio. I love her and pretty much everything she does on her blog and in her Etsy store. So fun!!

So, I'll share the invite with you now and hopefully wade through the over-550-photos later this week. I know, I know...you want to see it. I am definitely a person who takes pride in her parties and gets so excited to look at the details and see the honoree's face when they see it all. It makes my heart swell with happiness. Without further talk, here's the queen in all her sassiness. ; )

More photos coming soon! Promise. ; )


Anonymous said...

so fun! you and cindy do such great jobs!!! christy black

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Just came across your blog and have to tell you it is wonderful! This is just the cutest invite ever. Adorable. Those boots are too cute! :)

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