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9 Things Before Nine{AM}

Happy Monday!

We had a short weekend it seemed, with Chad working yesterday on a Sunday. Yuck. But overall, it was nice and relaxing just being here at home with the four of us. I worked on some photo editing for fun and some research for myself. Other than that....

1. The biggest news around here is that Maddox is getting glasses today or tomorrow! Yes, friends, our boy can't see. I started noticing it about a month or two ago and then I started testing him because I truly couldn't believe it. We took him last Thursday and sure enough....his eyes are worse than mine already. Poor thing. He looks adorable in glasses and we'll learn to work around them with all of the sports he likes to play. He's excited and so are we!

2. I have now been off of Facebook for almost 3 weeks and it feels so good. Haha! I have enjoyed the quietness of it and not knowing exactly what everyone and their mother (literally) is doing. Only 5 different friends have actually called me on the phone in that time, but that's okay. They are the ones I hang out with anyway or talk to long distance normally. One friend actually had to contact me to tell me she was pregnant again! So happy for my old friends and their good news. : )

3. We are just coming off of a 5 day vacation to Destin, FL, with my Dad's side of the family and we really were able to relax. I'll share photos from that soon, but to be honest, I mainly only used my phone for photos because I was SO relaxed (read: lazy).

4. I'm thinking very hard these last few days about what direction I want this blog to take and where I want I ultimately want it to take me. Hopefully, I'll figure it all out soon enough.

5. School starts on Thursday and I am sad. I know I will mourn the loss of this summer we've had. Nothing special happened except that I had a blast with having both kids at home every day and am sad to see it end for the year.

6. Our house is still on the market with no offers. I'm not discouraged, but starting to wonder (only 4 weeks in) if this is the direction that God is wanting us to go at this point? The list of For Sale houses that we would want to move into is dwindling as they are being sold, etc. I'll keep updating on that.

7. There are some things I've been wanting to learn how to do on my new Mac and in the blog world and Photoshop world and I talked to a friend yesterday about setting up a day for her just to teach me a few basic things that I can later expound on by myself. It's nice knowing very sweet, creative local people!

8. Our summer bucket list is a sad thing. Maddox and I looked over it last week together and realized how many things on it we DIDN'T do. Oops. Play catch up over the next 3 days? We'll see.

9. Did I post about my new Diana camera that Chad bought me for my birthday? I think I only posted it on FB. Hmmm. Anyway, it shoots with film and I am so excited to go have that developed and see how they turned out! I miss film and the anticipation of waiting to see the photos and then going to pick them up. I am so old-fashioned about so many things. ; )


Rowdy said...

Hmm... no FB? It would be hard for me to detox from that! I think this will be a fun year for our kids and us too!!!

Cindy Tomaszewski said...

Michael and I made a bet last week and I lost. I had to go without FB for a week. Not bad...not bad at all. =)

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