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Summer is for Slowing Down

Magdalen, 2.5 years old

I have had a great couple of weeks of NOTHING to do but swim, hang out, relax, take naps, and just really enjoy my summer days with the kids.

I am teaching myself (again) how to say "no" to things that are not required and "yes" to things just because they sound fun.

Let me rephrase that. My children are teaching me. ; )

Yesterday, I had tons of things I could have been doing. But instead, I let my two kids and a friend use my furniture as toys (unheard of for me....we respect our hard-earned purchases), ride through the mud puddles on bikes IN the rain (even though the mud spray all the way down Maddox's back was fierce), and the kids were not required to take baths after it all (gasp!)

Last night, Maddox told me the best part of his day was riding his bike in the rain.

Simple things.

Say yes to summer!


kera said...

Amen sister!! As I sit here on the couch sunggled up with my girls with laundry literally piled up around me! I really have tried over the last couple years to not let my house cleaning and keeping things in perfect order take priority rather spending my days with the girls! Life is far to short!

Kelly Paul said...

I LOVE that photo!

swords said...

Life is far to short! Enjoy itSwords

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