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Letter To Daddy on Father's Day

Dear Daddy,

We love it when it's Father's Day and I love it when we give you presents!

And I love you Daddy, because you take me to new restaurants sometimes. I love you when you let me play on your phone.

I love you Daddy, because you build me Lego tracks and other train tracks, too.

Thank you Daddy, for letting me play raquetball with you and go swimming.

I love you, Daddy, because you play board games with me.

Love you,

Maddox (5 years old)


Dadadadadada. *smooch* (As she holds up 2 fingers trying to say I Love You in Sign Language.)

Love, Magdalen (2.5 years old)

Dear Chad,

Thank you for these two. Thank you for being a partner in making them the amazing people they are. I couldn't do it without your stability, your hard work, your patience (with me and them), and your love.

We love you. They cooperated so well in taking these sweet photos when I told them it was a surprise for Daddy.

Happy Father's Day!

Love, Amanda

{their feet - the "surprise" we all tried to hide from you yesterday}

{processing on this photo I'm not loving, but I wanted to make sure their feet popped out!}

{Gift from Magdalen - print of this photo for your studio coming soon!}

To my own Father, William....

Thank you for being the best father I could have ever asked for. Thank you for always being there for me and still trying to take care of me and my family whenever you feel the need. : ) Having kids now myself, I realize that I will always think of my kids as my babies. 

Thank you for loving our children so much. They love their Papa Will soooo very much also!

The photos of Maddox and Magdalen above will be your gift this year. I hope you enjoy their sweet faces in these. I know I am! 

Love you so much,

Happy Father's Day to all the other amazing dads out there that I have the pleasure of knowing today!


wmb4593 said...

Dear Amanda - Thank you so much for the pictures above of the two sweetest, cutest, and smartest grandchildren that ever lived! Thank you, also, for the sweet words above. No matter what ever happens in this life, nothing can change the love that I have for you and for Josh . . . and nothing can change the wonderful memories that I have of when you were young and watching you grow to become the beautiful mother, wife, and lady that you are today. I have truly been Blessed in my life. Thank you again and we are still working on when we can all get together again soon (nag, nag, nag). We are really jones-ing for some Mad/Mag time! Love you very, very much, Dad

Linda Rose said...

So sweet, Amanda. You have a wonderful family. May God bless you and yours more and more each day. You are doing a wonderful work being a mommy.

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