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Julep Magazine: Summer 2011 Issue Features Melissa Fuller

Click here to read the current issue! 

I am so excited for the summer issue of Julep Magazine to be out today! : )

This online publication is created locally and was founded by a new friend of mine, Rebecca Wilson, who is also the editor. She is beautiful and sweet and the perfect person to start this magazine up for "young" Southern ladies like myself. ; ) When I met her and found out what she did, I immediately asked her what the magazine was all about. She perfectly described it as "a Southern magazine, but not your mama's Southern Living."

Just my speed.

Lots of entertaining (you know I love a well-decorated party), recipes (yay for Southern food), and lifestyle articles. This has quickly become one of my favorite online magazines (along with Sweet Paul Magazine, which also released it's new summer issue today. Yeah!)

See that girl on the cover? Well, that's Melissa Fuller. Chad produced and recorded her last album and that's how we know her in the first place.

I remember hearing a lot about Melissa and her husband, Tony, from Chad last year. All good things, of course. He kept saying how much I would like them. I finally met them at Chad's big birthday bash at our home last November and I definitely liked them both. Very down to earth, and totally hilarious people. Melissa has an incredible voice and style that is all her own, and Tony is this phenomenal photographer whose work you could drool over, even if you are not a photography lover like myself. GREAT, great people.

So, Melissa shot her video for "Money, Money, Money" last month and I was so excited to be an extra. Who hasn't wanted to be in a music video if you grew up in the 80s? Seriously. But that story is for another day. ; ) I'm mentioning that part because that's how I met Rebecca from Julep. She was also an extra in the video and we spent 15 hours together that first day of meeting. Talk about getting to know a new friend quickly. Ha! Love her.

Rebecca did a great article on Melissa in this issue, along with some perfect photos that capture the vibe of the video she did and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. Click on the magazine link below the image above and it will take you to the magazine.



Tina said...

somethings wrong :( the link doesn't take me anywhere.

Amanda said...

I fixed it! Thanks, Tina, for letting me know. :) Now you can click on the caption under the magazine image and it will take you to the Julep site. From there, just click on the magazine like it says and you can read it. Thanks!!

Mark Denman said...

Amanda, If they give awards for best extra, You win!! :-)

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