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Sweetest Homemade Birthday Gift

Oh, that Chad.

He did it again. ; )

My sweet husband is not one to bring me flowers all the time, or buy me gifts (he lets me stay home with the kids, that's gift enough), and he's not a big talker. 


when he decides to do something special for me, it is truly extra special for me, specifically, and I know he puts his heart into the things he chooses. 

I turned 33 almost two weeks ago and on the morning of my birthday, I was awakened by the sounds of "Happy Birthday, Mommy!" as the kids and Chad piled into our room. Maddox was carrying a mini cake plate and there under the glass domed lid was my favorite breakfast food: blueberry muffins!! It was very sweet and thoughtful and I was thankful that my Mom was able to be there for awhile that day, too!

Chad had to work after that and I spent a lazy day with the kids when Mom headed home. It wasn't my ideal birthday, but who can complain? We had so much going on that week and the weeks following that I think I was happy to just relax a bit. (I have so much fun stuff to share from the recent weeks, but that will come soon.)

So, on the weekend of my birthday, I had plans. (BIG plans like....being in a music video! Post on that coming soon, as well.) We had no plans for celebrating my birthday that weekend though, which is rare for me since I will usually plan my own party. But, while I was gone & busy with my fun weekend with people other than my family, Chad and the kids came up with this masterpiece. 

I will tell you right now that when the first few notes of the song started along with my babies' faces, I immediately teared up and the tears just started pouring. I was able to look past the hilarious bow placement in Maggie's hair and the fact that Chad let her wear those pajamas all day long (have I told you how much I can't stand character clothing?) because this was real life. It is a real life movie, made just for me. I wouldn't trade it for any material gift. It is the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time and was just the gift that this Mama needed. 

I am a lucky girl. 

And my kids are lucky to have a dad like Chad, with his his sense of humor and his love for these kids and myself. 

I hope you enjoy! 

(Pssst. If you're reading in an email, you will have to actually open up my blog to watch the link and you don't want to miss the best music video ever. Everyone - when you click the "Play" button, immediately hit it again to pause the video. Give it some time to load and then watch it so it doesn't jump around. Trust me. There's an entire message you'll want to see.) Thanks!

On another note, I am remembering a dear best friend today that lost her life too early, many years ago. I have a post planned for that with some fond memories, but I couldn't do two sad ones in a row on here, so I'm breaking it up with this happy little post instead. :)


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