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I Miss....

So, maybe I didn't watch cartoons on Saturday mornings....and I was definitely not watching Power Rangers for any reason....but I did watch the Fresh Prince. ;)

I turned on the tv this morning so Magdalen could watch a show while I showered. For the first time in 20+ years, I came across 3 shows that I have missed a little bit.

1. Strawberry Shortcake

2. My Little Pony

3. JEM

And yes, they were playing in that exact order on the same channel. Jackpot? I think so.

I started daydreaming again (as usual) and thought of all the things I miss. Then I randomly came across the above pin on Pinterest that pretty much summed up my thoughts today.

I miss old shows like Laverne & Shirley or Happy Days or Fat Albert. Not because they were the best shows ever, but because they take me back. Waaaaaaaaay back to a much simpler time in my life.

I miss my roller skates and the scabs I always had on my knees.

I miss digging in the dirt with a butter knife with my brother. Because it was relaxing and we were bored.

I miss riding my bike all the time and building ramps with the neighbors to jump our bikes on.

I miss the excitement of going to school every day to see my friends.

I miss playing outside in the neighborhood until after dark.

I miss piling up in my bedroom on a Sunday and reading as many books as I could fit into 12 hours.

I miss being able to eat as many graham crackers smeared with marshmallow cream as I could until I felt sick.

I just miss being a kid.

I'm not complaining today. Not a bit. I just like to daydream a little sometimes, and miss the young me while remembering some great old times.

Now....back to my regular scheduled parenting. ; )


Anonymous said...

i love this!!!

Anonymous said...

I miss waking up saturday mornings and hearing my dads booming laughs ! He love his 3 stooges and looney tunes ! (not raised sda) :D

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