Hello there, and welcome to Magda Row....

In the Quiet....

Here's my girl. 

She just turned three.

And although she is not quite as wild as she was a year ago....
this sweet babe just doesn't stop.

But she has a love that is never-ending, a spirit that is unstoppable,
and a zest for life that reminds me of who I once was. 

This is her in the Quiet of life 
and I just want to hold her forever like this. 
(Not gonna happen, right?)

You'll be hearing a lot more from me here in this space. 
At least, that's the plan in this new year. 
I'm a bit slow moving....it's just the way I am about things, 
but I'm excited about 2012 and I have so much to say!
Stay tuned. ; )


Anonymous said...

Looooooove this picture. Just love it. Enjoyed the post, too!


Anonymous said...

Your words always touch a Mom's heart. -Connie

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