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Where I'm Going With This

Yes, yes, YES! I love this printable that I found last night and wanted to share. You can find a free link to print it out for yourself (also with a yellow background option) at Lady Bird Lane. Or you can click on the artwork above and it will take you to her post about it.

In the last few years, I haven't been in the position to help a fellow mom that often. Mainly because of being on my own with my own kids all week long and sometimes barely surviving and being the one that needed a helping hand. But things are getting easier and easier as the months go by with my sweet kids and as they get older and I'm surviving much easier. : ) It's been a long road for multiple reasons and I hope to share more about that soon. : )

Then after finding this artwork that I want to make myself read every single morning, I came to write this post and share it with you. And BAM!

New Blogger format, huh? I like it! I think I just might love it.
I just now saw it for the first time and while clicking around, I found my stats overview page.

And then I just stared at the numbers like an idiot when I saw what they were. Because, guess what? People read my blog!

I was amazed. Honestly. If you haven't figured it out already, I love to write. And in addition to that love of writing (and taking photos of my life), I was hoping to use this as a springboard for whatever creative business it is that I hope to create for myself and my family. I have many ideas in mind and have tested out a few in my own time. But the beginning for me is knowing if people are even going to come read what I write in the first place, because it will go hand-in-hand with what I create.

The numbers it gave me were even more hilarious to me because I don't even think that my friends read this blog. Ha! They never really mention anything to me when I write things, so I assume they don't read it. So, who are these people that are reading? I would venture to say that Pinterest has a lot to do with it. (I was already testing that theory out. It's just fun to finally get the results.)

I posted a few photos from Magdalen's 2nd birthday party last year and apparently it was a hit. I have gotten more notifications from Pinterest in the last few months about "repins" on those photos than I had in the past year.

So when I checked the stats today?

Her Vintage Cowgirl 2nd birthday party post has received....

OVER 1200 HITS. : )

(Thank you, Pinterest. I might end up going somewhere with this whole idea if I'm patient.)

Thank you, to all of you who read this blog. Truly. I know that to a "big" blogger that is nothing in the grand scheme of posting stats. But to me, that's huge.

I know that some of my friends and family think it's strange that I post on here about my life because they think things should be private, etc. I don't feel that way anymore. It used to make me nervous that strangers were reading about me, but hey! I'm reading about them, too. I realized that it wasn't a huge deal so I don't worry about it anymore. I have met so many amazing people from the blogging and crafting world that I would have never known had I not had this little space on the internet that's all my own.

I plan to be even more real on here in the future. I have so many thoughts swirling in my mind, and some of them are hard thoughts. Things that maybe I'm nervous to write about or mention. Things that might hurt feelings in an indirect way and completely unintentionally. But...also things that I want to write about or share. And I feel that it's okay. Because it's about me and my feelings, as I carefully sort through them.

But for now, like I said....thank you. : )


The Edwards said...

I think being real here and posting about everything is not only honest, but a good step for everyone in our still-young technologically connected society. There seems to be an unspoken rule that everything on blogs, facebook, etc. should be positive, but there are more and more articles being written about that being disconnecting and causing others to actually feel isolated and alone. If everyone only posts the beautiful, the fun, the smiling, it's easy for one to look at her regular internet locales and decide that everyone else has more, is happier, and that they're all at a party that she's not invited to. I personally think being real and sharing both the good and bad is a step in the right direction for all bloggers, statusers, twitterers, etc. So I read your post most of the time, and support you in your new direction. :)

Brooke said...

I love to read your blog.

Cindy Tomaszewski said...

I always read your blog, I just don't always have something to say. =)

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