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Influence: Pre-conference Meet & Greet!

Happy Friday!

I am excited to announce that I have won a free ticket to The Influence Conference in Indianapolis next month from The Tiny Twig (one of my favorite blogs of all-time) ! I am beyond excited, to be exact.

And am I a little freaked out? Yes?

I went to Blissdom this past January, but as you know, I live in the Nashville area already so I was able to go home whenever I wanted and sleep or whatever. Pretty much just come and go. Eeeeeasy.

This one is different.

I'm carpooling with two girls that I've never met before at this point (hi future local & blog friends from Life. Edited and Wild & Precious - thanks for adding me to your traveling adventure), and I'm still looking for a roommate who will definitely be a complete stranger. Ha! I feel brave already. ; )

*Edited to add: I was just contacted by Brittany from Live Laugh Studios (blog maintenance right now) to say that she and her other 2 roommates (Ashley and  Kimberly have space for one more. ME! Mission accomplished. Thanks to everyone who tweeted & retweeted that I was looking still.

So, in order to get out there and meet people and not feel so nervous, the girls who are running this thing have started an online Meet & Greet and I'm linking up over there with my answers to all of the questions.

3 Get To Know Me Questions

  1. I sing all the time without knowing I'm doing it. According to Chad it's a really bad habit, but some people think it's sweet and means I'm happy. I sometimes hum to a song in my head while someone's talking to me on the phone and they have to say "What are you singing, Amanda?" before I realize that I'm doing it. You can also catch me humming this exact version of this song on any given day (and that REALLY drives him nuts). Haha! I honestly don't know why it's in my head all the time. (In college, I woke up with Melissa Ethridge's song Come To My Window in my head every. single. morning. I've never even owned that song. 
  2. I'm a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian and if you want to know more about that part of my life you can just ask me. 
  3. I'm a let's-have-fun-where's-the-next-party-or-event type of girl who married a workaholic musician. It has taken many years for us to learn how to make that work, as you can only imagine. : )
2 Things I'm Looking Forward To About The Conference
  1. I honestly can't wait to meet all of the girls from Nashville finally! I would love to have more friends who are local in real life....not just on my laptop....and this would be a great place to see them all in a place that's geared toward us. I also want to meet the other girls that I follow who live all over the place, including my newfound roommates.
  2. I want to know my purpose and learn what my specific voice is and I think this conference and all of the women who are speaking and sharing will help me narrow down my swirling thoughts.
1 Thing I Can't Leave Home Without

One thing only? Hmmm....my inhaler. Haaaaaaaa! Okay, and my phone. October does seem to be the month that I drive myself to the ER at 3am the most due to asthma attacks, but whatever. ; ) 

So.....here I go! Linking up with all of the other fabulous ladies who will be joining me. 


Brooke said...

Hi Amanda! Glad you're going to be able to come to the conference-hopefully, we'll have a chance to meet in person!

meg @ oursomethingnew said...

I love the idea of getting to meet people that are from my local area as well! And I'm definitely looking forward to having some great conversations about purpose + writing voice. Glad you won a ticket!

Annie said...

That's so exciting you won the free ticket! Congratulations! I'm looking forward to meeting you!

My dad & brother have severe asthma (although theirs has lessened as they got older) and as I grew up I developed exercise-induced asthma, so I know how tough that can be! I hope that this October you won't be making any ER trips!

courtney {splendid actually} said...

Congratulations on the win! How exciting!

I think it's awesome that you sing at random moments. One of my best friends does that too. I, on the other hand, like to just sing sentences that normal people would talk. :) can't wait to see you at the conference!

Trina {Beginner Beans} said...

What, you're Seventh-Day Adventist?! Somehow makes me feel like we already have so much to bond over :) Look forward to seeing you at the conference!

Courtney said...

Sooo...I don't live in Nashville, but I wish I did. Does that mean we can be friends?! :) Excited to meet you!

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