Hello there, and welcome to Magda Row....

Influence Conference, New blog, and Redesign. Whoa.

I am just home today after 4 solid days of being with other Christian bloggers in Indianapolis at the very first Influence Conference. 

I am tired. But energized.

I am overwhelmed. But also feeling more focused.

I have a lot to say about it.
Just not tonight.

But this I do want to say before I get some shut eye:

I wanted to make sure that everyone knows that my blog is soon changing. A LOT.

I will have a completely new redesign and if you are reading this on Magda Row (blogspot) then I will soon be redirecting you to an entirely new URL which is self-hosted on an entirely new platform. (www.ohamandaleigh.com)

If you are already reading this from my self-branded site that is under construction (you are here because we traded biz cards in Indy!), then you just have to wait and I'm sorry if you get tired of the silly pumpkin photo that I have up there. ;) I'll be perfectly honest and tell you that I'm tired of looking at it myself. Let's just call it "filler."

Big changes, people. Big changes.

I have a designer working on my site and it might have already been done, except I barely had a chance to call Chad these last 4 days, much less Danielle who still understandably has more questions as to the direction I want her to go for me.


Stay tuned. I'm hoping to have a launch date soon to share (this month) and then you will see what I've been up to and why I would drive 5 hours with 3 strangers to stay in a hotel room with 4 new strangers (including sharing a bed with 1 girl I had never spoken to) where there were 200 other women who have a passion for blogging and also sharing our faith while doing so.

These last 4 days completely rocked my world. In a very good way.


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